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Does your digital life need a checkup?
Urgent care?
Preventative maintenance?
Not sure?

DoctorGeek's been helping people loose the technology blues since 1997.

-› New project? Let's work up a project plan to meet your needs, dreams & budget.

-› Established site? How about a digital review to find effective, cost-effective ways to update your digital presence to Net 2015.

"Computer technology" isn't rocket science but it can be confusing. I explain things in plain English so you can make informed decisions about every aspect of your online presence.

I'm committed to maximizing my client's digital presence in today’s competitive marketplace & welcome your inquiries!

¬ Susan (aka DoctorGeek)

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web development

An attractive, easy to use website communicates with impact and offers an excellent return on investment.

Your site should place well on targeted searches & offer visitors information and incentives that result in direct contact with you.

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Don't lose business because your online shop is off search engine radar, hard to use, unsafe, unattractive or woefully out-of-date.

You could DIY and learn to “piece together” an online store that makes you money & makes your proud. Frankly, it's better to use  your time & resources to....

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digital marketing

Digital marketing tools are awesome, powerful, numerous — and they can be a tad overwhelming.

How do you pick the best social networks to reach your target audience with the resources you can devote to social media?

Is email still one of the best, most cost-effective ways to communicate digitally?

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personal tech training

DoctorGeek offers on-site and live remote online training to individuals and non-profit & small business folks.

Training is customized to meet your personal objectives effectively, efficiently and as painlessly as possible.

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